Vulnerability model

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Vulnerability Model

This vulnerability model of panic attacks is based on work reported in:

R Baker (Editor) 1989 Panic Disorder: Theory Research and Therapy, John Wiley, Chichester

Baker R, Holloway J, Thomas P W, Thomas S & Owens M (in press) Emotional Processing & Panic.  For Behaviour Research & Therapy

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Baker R (1989) Personal accounts of panic.  In R Baker (Editor) Panic Disorder: Theory Research & Therapy, John Wiley, Chichester

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bullet   An experimental study of emotional processing in panic

bullet   Data related to emotional control and the occurrence of panic attacks

bullet  Chinese version了解惊恐

bullet  References


Baker. R, Holloway. J, Thomas P. W., Thomas S., Owens., M.  Emotional Processing and Panic. (2004)  Behaviour Research & Therapy, Vol 42, 11, 1271-1287

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